Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It is time for you to shop with discounts FOREVER!! Be our members and experience lots of privileges, vouchers, gifts and many more!!

We love to make your little people happy as well as you, BIG people!! It is so easy to get our MEMBERSHIP.. Just purchase our items at RM100 and above, and you will get our membership for FREE!! Or, you can also get our membership at RM50 without purchasing anything...

It is not only a membership 'by title', because we will give you our MEMBERSHIP CARD when we sent your order..

On top of that, you will get ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT on discounted items when we organize GARAGE SALE, PRE-HARI RAYA SALE or any other SALE in littlepeople (online or walk-in to our Little People Home-Boutique).. Isn’t that GREAT??!

We also introduce point collection by RM1 = 1 point.. You may use your collection points to redeem our products, merchandises, vouchers and many more!! WOW!!

Plus, we are very happy to credit you with LUCKY FREE GIFT if you purchase any of our 'TREASURE ITEMS'.. It will make the shopping sooo FUN!!

So, what are you waiting for?? Hurry!! Apply NOW!! The more you BUY, the more you GET!!

*any inquiry, drop us an email at


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